With @voice SIP Trunk service, you can connect your voip compatible phone system and start saving on your telecommunication services

No Contracts

We know you'll love it here!

No Installation

We like to keep things simple

Simple Plans

Save no matter your size

Rates & Plans

a monthly plan with

Included calls to Australian numbers

and a simple monthly charge

per channel,

per month



  • 1 Australian landline number

  • calls to all Australian landline and mobile numbers

  • 150 SMS

  • No lock in contract

pay as you go

NO monthly fees with low call rates

with 1 second billing increments

per number,

per month†


per minute

Applicable for:

  • rental for any landline, 1300/1800† number

  • calls to all Australian landline and mobile numbers*

  • 1 second billing increment

  • No lock in contract

- Critical Information Summary

*Calls to 13/1300 numbers are rated at 30¢ per call. Calls to 1800 numbers are FREE. Calls to 1223 is rated at 75¢ per call. Calls to 1225 is rated at $2.50 per call. Calls to Premium numbers are not supported.

†1300 and 1800 numbers incur a once-off setup charge of $50.


Powered by the

ATOM Platform

The ATOM Platform is a place where carriers of the world come together. This makes the platform, extremely connected, giving our @voice customers direct connectivity to all these carriers.

What does all this mean to your business?

It just means that wherever your business takes you, domestically or internationally, @voice ensures that your telecommunication service is well looked after, with the best call quality - every time!


Why @voice?

For one, the @voice core switch sits on a carrier-grade Class 4 softswitch. In normal terminology, that's the type of switches that Telecommunication companies use. So, that makes us super reliable and secure.

It's so reliable, that even telecommunication companies use our platform to terminate calls to various parts of this world. That's right, even large carriers rely on us to switch their calls!

Most important of all, it's the people here. @voice may be new, but the people behind the curtains, certainly aren't. We're old hands with new hats - with our many years of experience in the telecommunication scene, we want to, as Steve Jobs says - "make a dent in the universe". We want to make business communication simpler, more accessible  and more affordable, so that you can pour more energy and time into your actual business; not creating gimmicky apps just so that you can make and receive a call.

Come join the revolution.....