Tired of using portals that either have to much features that using it becomes a total hassle? Or those portals that just doesn't have enough, and functionally becomes pretty much useless?

Yes...we have too!

The @voice portal promises to be simple to use while retaining all the relevant information that you need. Making it super easy to use and provide you with the right information to manage your account, with just a few clicks.

Whether it is to view what calls are going on that very instant, or trace back a call you made last week, make payments or even your payment history, to updating your address, everything is right where it needs to be - right in front of you!

Awesome Dashboard

It all starts with the Dashboard. It's the first thing you see when you log in. Your call information is displayed beautifully, giving you a snapshot of your calls on a monthly scale as well as on an hourly scale.

With the dashboard, you'll know exactly how many calls you placed for the current month, your duration, what your peak hours are, a percentage of calls that was connected versus those that didn't. We'll even tell you your account balance.

A great snapshot!

Realtime Monitoring

We're pretty sure your telcom provider won't be able to tell you what calls are going on that very instant, let alone the details of the call - like who's calling who.

@voice allows you to see in realtime all the calls that are taking place that very instant as well as how long the calls are going on for.

We think that's just super powerful!

Call Records at Your Fingertips

With @voice, every single call, be it incoming or outgoing that takes place on the SIP Trunk is captured and logged. That means if you want to see who's called in to your business you can. More so, you can even zoom in on the calls you missed.

You can look at all calls, or just your incoming calls, or those that you placed right on the @voice portal. All call records will appear here in near real time.

With the ability to export this information out into an excel sheet, your calls....are truly yours.